Junior Research Group

"Primary Cilia and Energy Metabolism"

Goal: To elucidate the role of ciliary signal transduction in energy metabolism

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Master Student Position

Helmholtz Research Center



Dr. Gerdes group is looking for a master student to join the team. The lab is part of the Institute for Diabetes and Regeneration located in Garching Hochbrück. We are looking for a student willing to spend 6 month with us being part of a developed project regarding a putative connection between primary cilia and mitochondria. This is a very exciting opportunity for students that want to learn several laboratory techniques, and at the same time, be part of a bigger project with possibilities of publication. The work consists in:
  • Basic technique (cell culture, WB, qPCR)
  • Imaging (also live) using confocal and epifluorecence microscopy
  • Extraction and culture of primary islets from mice
  • Metabolic measurement
  • Data evaluation


We are looking for students with Biology and Biochemistry background interested in studying biological systems in cells and cellular bioenergetics and metabolism. Laboratory experience, especially in cell culture and basic techniques (pcr, western blotting) is welcome.
Email address to contact: julia.scerbo@helmholtz-muenchen.de