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Mission of the IEG

The aim of the Institute of Experimental Genetics (IEG) is to further the basic understanding of mechanisms that underlie the etiology of human diseases. Metabolic diseases with focus on diabetes and bone/cartilage disorders are key areas of research. Experimental set-ups are centered on the mouse as pre-clinical model organism. Besides studying the effects of genotypes, the institute identifies and characterizes environmental and epigenetic factors and the mechanisms by which these act on the etiology of diseases. The systemic phenotyping of models and the exploration of envirotypes as a source of important disease factors are integral to the German Mouse Clinic (GMC).

Scheme of the IEG’s research fields and major stakeholders. The IEG covers two thematic areas: Metabolism & Diseases and Large Scale Functional Genomics. The scientific content of the thematic areas is illustrated by the two large pillars in the center of the scheme. IEG contributes to goals and missions on several levels (green box on the left). IEG serves different communities and purposes (orange box on the right). The IEG mission serves as basis for all IEG activities.