FAQ / Troubleshooting


1. Does MausDB run on other platforms than Ubuntu Linux?

We never tested installation of MausDB on another platform than Ubuntu Linux. In principle, it should work as all components (Apache, MySQL, Perl) are available for most platforms.
You might try installing MausDB on a virtual Ubuntu machine running on Virtual Box. We made good experiences with this solution.


2. After successful login MausDB always finishes the session and returns me back to the login form

a. Session management in MausDB requires cookies allowed to be stored on client side. Please check your browser settings.
b. The web server process needs write access to the "session" subdirectory.


3. How can I modify cage capacity?

Cage capacity in MausDB is quite fixed to needs the German Mouse Clinic and also local regulations. Custom modification of cage capacity will be included in future versions. For advice on cage capacity modification in the current version, please contact us.


4. Does MausDB only work with Mozilla Firefox?

As Mozilla Firefox is available for all major operating systems used in the German Mouse Clinic (Windows, Linux, MacOS), we made sure that MausDB runs with this browser. MausDB also runs on Safari. We observed that in Internet Explorer 6.0, cages in the rack view can't be expanded or collapsed. 


5. Can admins reset passwords if users forget theirs?

Of course admins can reset passwords if users forget theirs. Just go on "settings"->"users"->"user overview" and click a user. There is an update button.


6. Can every user choose to see the holdings of all other users? Can this be changed so that users can only view their holdings from their projects?

Yes, every user can see racks and cages of other users if he/she likes. MausDB uses projects only to determine which racks a user can see by default.
As every rack is assigned to a project and every user is assigned to one or more projects, this could be changed to really limit access strictly. Moderate Perl and SQL skills are required to do these modifications.
In our opinion it makes no sense to restrict view on the holdings of other users on database level as long as there is physical access to the cages/racks of other users in the mouse house.


7. Where are the selections for the pull down menus defined?

Selections of most pulldown menus are generated from the table contents on runtime by "select" or "select distinct" statements. Others are defined in the "settings" table.


8. Age of mice is shown in days. Can this be modified to weeks and days?

Age of mice for output is determined by the function get_age() which is defined in lib_convert.pl (look for SR_CON007). At the end of this function, modify comments to return weeks and days (or whatever you want) instead of total days.


9. Can't reported litters be edited until weaning?

Litter loss can be reported and litter size reduction can be reported at weaning time. There is no recording of litter size over time between litter report and weaning. This may be included in future versions.


We are happy to answer questions related to MausDB, but please understand that we do not provide regular support.