License & Download

MausDB has been made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) []


New version 1.5 (rev. 126) available!

01. April 2010: The current version of MausDB is now available for download. In comparison to the previous version, it includes many bugfixes and new functions.

Examples for phenotyping data upload and automated analysis are included in the installation repository and described in the manual.

For details, please read the manual that can be downloaded below.

Download MausDB version 1.5 (rev. 126)

Upgrading previous MausDB versions to version 1.5 (rev. 126)

If you run a previous version of MausDB and want to upgrade to version 1.5, you might run into problems as some table have changed. Unfortunately, we cannot provide fail-safe update scripts. Please contact us if you are not sure how to upgrade.

Download feedback

If you start using MausDB on a regular basis for your mouse colony, please be so kind as to drop us a note about that. We don't want to force users to register for download, we just want to have some feedback.