FEBS Summer Fellowship Prize

Marion Genet. Source: M. Genet

Congratulations to Marion Genet on being awarded the 2017 Summer Fellowships Prize from FEBS for her research project conducted in the lab of Maria Elena Torres-Padilla in summer 2017.

Marion is studying for a masters in Integrated Molecular and Cellular Biology, specializing in Developmental Biology and Stem Cells, at the University of Strasbourg and was awarded a FEBS Summer Fellowship in 2017 to conduct a project in the Torres-Padilla group. FEBS Summer Fellowships are awarded to talented young students wishing to gain practical scientific experience in a scientific institution located in another country, within the FEBS area. In recognition of the best work each year, FEBS awards an individual prize for the best report.  As part of her project, Marion studied the interactions of chromatin proteins involved in the transition from pluripotent to totipotent states.

Marion will complete her Masters studies this summer and will return to the Torres-Padilla lab in the autumn to begin her PhD research.