Dr. Maria Elena Torres-Padilla receives ‘Female Scientist Award’ of German Stem Cell Network (GSCN)

GSCN President Prof. Dr. Ana Martin-Villalba (left) with award winner Prof. Dr. Elena Maria Torres-Padilla; Source: GSCN

For her outstanding achievements in the research of early embryonic development the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) awards the annual ‘GSCN 2018 Female Scientist Award’ to Prof. Dr. Maria Elena Torres-Padilla from Helmholtz Zentrum München. With its award the GSCN honors outstanding female researcher for their scientific achievements. The official award ceremony took place on September 20th at this year’s GSCN Stem Cell Conference in Heidelberg.

Torres-Padilla is internationally recognized as an expert in chromatin research in the early embryonic development. She focuses on the transitions of cellular potency and epigenetic reprogramming and investigates molecular mechanisms. She aims at a better understanding of the molecular processes underlying cellular plasticity in order to develop better therapeutic approaches for regenerative medicine and infertility treatment. The scientist is also involved in initiatives for communicating the importance of basic research to a broad public and to decision-makers.

For full Helmholtz Press Release, see here.



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