Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School: Call for applications

Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School launches with an international call for applications - seeking enthusiastic students from all over the world pursuing a PhD career in the field of Epigenetics. The Reseach School is established under the rooftop of the Helmholtz Research School Environmental Health (HELENA), a joint initiative for the promotion of graduate students of the Helmholtz Zentrum München, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) and the Technische Universität München (TUM). Doctoral degrees will be awarded by its respective partner universities.

The Helmholtz International Epigenetics Research School is looking to attract exceptional young scientists from all over the world and has just opened its first international call for Applications. The interdisciplinary graduate program offered by the Research School is centered at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany where it provides an ideal research and training environment for students to conduct their PhD research in the field of epigenetics. The Research School stems from a well-established and vibrant epigenetics community, which provides a great support structure with excellent networking opportunities, and thus offering a unique environment, in which talented and gifted individuals can thrive and take their career to a new level. “Epigenetic mechanisms regulate all aspects of DNA dependent processes and are implicated in diseases like diabetes and cancer. This makes the field of epigenetics a key field in our modern society. The epigenetics community at the HMGU operates at the forefront of this diverse and exciting field.” says Prof. Dr. Robert Schneider, Director of the Institute of Functional Epigenetics.

The deadline for applications is November the 20th – the Research School is seeking young scientists with a master's degree and a deep interest in epigenetics. Candidates should have excellent English language skills and laboratory experience. For more information on the application requirements, the application procedure and the research projects offered, please visit the following link:

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