Congratulations! Federico Pecori receives a research fellowship from the Humboldt Foundation

What a start! Dr. Federico Pecori has just joined the Torres-Padilla lab as a postdoctoral researcher and has been awarded the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for his project.

Good news never come alone. Dr. Federico Pecori had barely left Japan to join the laboratory of Prof. Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla, the Director of the Institute for Epigenetics and Stem Cells, he received the information that he has been awarded the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for his postdoctoral research.

His project "Generation of a CRISPR-imaging tool to visualize 4D genome organization dynamics at the onset of mammalian development" will be funded for 2 years. During the funding period, he will be working on establishing a new tool to image wide genomic areas in real time, which, when optimized, can be used for any model system both in vivo and in vitro.