The Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells was established in 2016.  Publication lists for each of the research teams can be found in the Research section.


Máté Borsos*, Sara M. Perricone*, Tamás Schauer, Julien Pontabry, Kim L. de Luca, Sandra S. de Vries, Elias R. Ruiz-Morales, Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla** & Jop Kind** (2019): Genome-lamina interactions are established de novo in the early mouse embryo. Nature DOI: 10.1038/s41586-019-1233-0 * joint first authors **joint senior authors

Jansz N, Torres-Padilla ME (2019) Genome activation and architecture in the early mammalian embryo Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, 55, 52-58




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*joint first authors

R. A. Beagrie*, A. Scialdone*, M. Schueler, D.C.A. Kraemer, M. Chotalia, S.Q. Xie, M. Barbieri, I. de Santiago, L.-M. Lavitas, M.R. Branco, J. Fraser, J. Dostie, L. Game, N. Dillon, P.A.W. Edwards, M. Nicodemi and A. Pombo, (2017) Complex multi-enhancer contacts captured by Genome Architecture Mapping (GAM), Nature, 543: 519-524
* joint first authors

T. H. Ambrosi, A. Scialdone, A. Graja, S. Gohlke, A.-M. Jank, L. Woelk,H. Fan, D.W. Logan, A. Schurmann, L.R. Saraiva and T.J. Schulz (2017) Adipocyte accumulation in the bone marrow during obesity and aging impairs stem cell-based hematopoietic and bone regeneration, Cell Stem Cell 20:739

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