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Publication: The interactome of a family of potential methyltransferases in HeLa cells


A new study from the Schneider lab, published in Nature Scientific Reports, systematically identified the interactome of human methytransferase like proteins (METTLs).

The recent resurgence in interest in epitranscriptomics and, in particular, in novel types and sites of nucleoside modifications (both on RNA and DNA) started a hunt for new modifying enzymes. Members of the methyltransferase like protein family (METTL) have been shown to methylate RNA or DNA in mammals. In collaboration with the Vermeulen lab at the Radboud University Nijmegen, Valentina Ignatova, a PhD student in the Institute of Functional Epigenetics, identified the complexes in which these potential enzymes act.  This will help to understand METTL protein function(s) and will provide a crucial resource for further studies of these potential novel methyltransferases.

Full publication: Ignatova VV, Jansen PWTC, Baltissen MP, Vermeulen M, Schneider R (2019) The interactome of a family of potential methyltransferases in HeLa cells, Scientific Reports, 9, Article number: 6584






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