Dynamics of Pulmonary Inflammation

  • Nanoparticle exposure induced lung injury and the role of alveolar macrophages.
  • Nanoparticles and persistent virus infection – a dangerous liaison for the development of chronic lung disease? (Cooperation with Heiko Adler, LRR)
  • Impact of maternal high fat diet on macrophage priming and the resolution of pulmonary inflammation in offspring (Cooperation with Jan Rozman, German Mouse Clinic)
  • Therapeutic nanoparticles for pulmonary application. Development of an in vitro screening system for pulmonary cell-specific drug targeting.
  • Respiratory safety of engineered nanoparticles  (HARMLESS, website is coming soon) - Advanced High Aspect Ratio and Multicomponent materials: towards comprehensive intelLigent tEsting and Safe by design Strategies  , EU, Horizon 2020, No.686098, 01/2021-02/2025 – Coordination: Dr. Tobias Stöger, Dr.  Otmar Schmid, ILBD