Pulmonary Aerosol Delivery


  • Development and validation of innovative methods for aerosolized delivery of drugs to animal models and pulmonary cell systems
  • Further improvement of the recently developed ALICE-CLOUD technology (ALICE: Air-Liquid Interface Cell Exposure) for dosimetrically accurate and technologically simple in vitro application of liquid drugs to lung cells cultured at air-liquid interface conditions
  • Establishment of optical imaging techniques (fluorescence, bioluminescence)  for analysis of regional distribution and bioactivity of drugs delivered to in vitro cell systems or murine lungs
  • Development of bioreactors for improved, cell-based drug screening under physiologically realistic conditions (e.g. air-liquid interface cell cultures; co-culture cell models; periodically stretched cells)
  • Preclinical targeting of (bio-)therapeutics and nano-drug-carrier systems to specific regions or cell types of the murine lung
  • Dosimetry of cigarette smoke in biological tissue

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