The 3rd Munich Scar Forum at the BCM in Planegg (July 18th 2018, 12:00-17:00)

Top view of an abdominal adhesion, showing proliferating mesothelium; Source: Tim Koopmans, Rinkevich Lab, ILBD/CPC, Helmholtz Zentrum München

The Munich Scar Forum is a joint venture of the Institute of Lung Biology and Disease (ILBD) and the Institute of Stem Cell Research (ISF), organized by Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz (ISF) and Dr. Yuval Rinkevich (ILBD). 

The 3rd Munich Scar Forum aims to bring together a community of experts in the field of tissue scarring and fibrosis and to highlight the most recent developments on fibrosis and wound care. For that reason we thank all contributing speakers, especially Prof. Dr. Sommer as external guest speaker from the Department of Anatomy of the University of Zurich for accepting our invitation. 

 We are looking forward to inspiring exchange on basic science and clinical management of tissue and organ scarring including brain, skin, and internal organs with Pretzels and Beer thereafter.