Young talents for future respiratory research: Successful 6th Munich International Autumn School (MIAS) for Respiratory Medicine 2018

MIAS 2018; Source: Jan Roeder

The 6th MIAS was organized at the Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC) in November 2018. Fifteen young and motivated participants from the scientific and medical field had been selected to join the 6th Munich International Autumn School (MIAS) for Respiratory Medicine that brings together international young researchers with a biomedical and clinical background. The CPC Research School has organized the MIAS with financial support from AtemWeg – The Lung Disease Research Foundation and Boehringer Ingelheim.

The conceptual idea of MIAS is to provide early career scientists in respiratory medicine with a platform for scientific exchange with renowned scientists in the field, by offering hands-on practical training modules - both in laboratory and clinical settings - and by providing networking opportunities to foster international collaborations and translational research ideas.

The one-week program has been kicked off by an interactive poster session, followed by experimental training modules with special focus on state-of-the art and innovative technologies for modern respiratory research and clinical visits in two hospitals in Munich (Ludwig Maximilians University Hospital and the Asklepios Fachkliniken in Gauting).

The MIAS curriculum was completed by specific lectures from scientific experts reporting on novel findings and methods to stimulate interactive exchange on hot topics within the field of respiratory medicine.

The MIAS is taking place at the CPC since 2012 and was initiated by AtemWeg together with the scientific and clinical partners within the CPC to provide knowledge transfer and training for young and early career scientists and clinicians. With the increasing and alarming numbers of patients suffering from chronic lung diseases world wide, translational respiratory research is the pathway to new approaches for preventional and interventional measures.