Girls’ & Boys’ Day 2019

Please take a look! On March 28, 2019, the CPC opens its laboratories to interested students within the project “Girls’ & Boys’ Day”.

Like every year, a nationwide effort is made to offer girls and boys the possibility to get to know professional areas and jobs, which they might not typically consider after their school career. The aim and concept of the Girls’ and Boys’ Day is to broaden the participants’ horizon on career options beyond gender specific clichés. As the German Research Center for Health and Environment, the Helmholtz Center in Munich (HMGU) supports the endeavor to motivate young girls and boys to look beyond traditional gender-specific professions, not least, because the center itself takes much responsibility in scientific education of young researchers and gender balance.

On March 28, 2019, the Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC), as part of the Helmholtz Institute for Lung Biology and Disease (ILBD), invites girls and boys from different schools in and around Munich to learn about the lung and about a scientist’s and technician’s life in the field of medical science. After an introduction to the institute, the laboratories, and current lung research challenges, the students get the possibilities to take up pipettes and plunge right into real scientific experiments.

During lunch break the girls and boys will meet the scientists who perform the experiments that day in a more relaxed atmosphere, which gives them an opportunity to clarify some ambiguities and ask the scientists about their own educational and professional career. It would be nice if these impressions could motivate the young students for a career in a science or field-related job or to help them to find out, that science might not be their field of choice. They will only discover their talents and interests by trying it out.