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Severine Cranz, née Somlo receives Best Poster Prize in the area “Endstage Lung Disease (ELD)” at the 8th DZL Annual Meeting in Mannheim.

Severine Cranz & Gerald Burgstaller; ILBD/CPC Helmholtz Zentrum München

Séverine Cranz, member of the CPC Research School and PhD student in the ILBD core unit “Live Cell Imaging” (Head: Gerald Burgstaller) received the best poster prize in the disease area “Endstage Lung Disease” at the 8th DZL (German Center for Lung Research) Annual Meeting in Mannheim, Germany, held on 7.- 8. February 2018. Séverine Cranz presented a poster with the title “Studying homing of basic lung cell types into their native niche of decellularized ex vivo human lung slices by 4D live-cell light sheet microscopy” based on a cooperation project with the Research Unit Lung Repair and Regeneration (LRR, director Melanie Königshoff). The goal of the study is to use human stem cells, in collaboration with Olmer Ruth and Martin Ullrich from the DZL site BREATH in Hannover, for repopulating 3D human lung scaffolds, which are void of functional lung cells after a special decellularization procedure, to re-build new lungs for transplantation. For that they investigate the interaction of the extracellular matrix and stem cells, and try to understand how tis crosstalk might influence cellular behavior. As one state-of-the-art technology, the researchers used a brand-new lightsheet microscope at the CPC that due to its incredible fast image acquisition can be used to study the dynamics, behavior and interaction of human lung stem cells over time in 3D.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the provision of human biomaterial and clinical data from the CPC-M bioArchive and its partners at the Asklepios Biobank Gauting, the Klinikum der Universität München and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

The German Center for Lung Research (DZL) is an association of leading university and non-university institutions dedicated to lung research in Germany.  Using translational research methods, the DZL seeks to jointly develop new approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of lung diseases focusing on eight disease areas. At the recent DZL Annual Meeting in Mannheim 480 scientists, physicians and young researchers got together for an active exchange in the field of lung research.

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