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Dr. Tobias Stöger, expert on Dynamics of Pulmonary Inflammation, on SWR

In the SWR-TV series odysso a journalist investigates the extent to which diesel exhaust is jointly responsible for damage to our health and our environment.

Tobias Stöger; Source ILBD / CPC Helmholtz Zentrum München

As part of his research for the television show, which has been broadcasted on SWR on 27.04.2017, SWR journalist Frank Witzig visited Dr. Tobias Stöger at the Institute for Lung Biology at Helmholtz Zentrum München and was explained how the effects of diesel exhaust on the lungs were investigated.

Dr. Stöger is the head of the research group  "Stöger LabDynamics of Pulmonary Inflammation” at the ILBD since 2009 and conducts researches focusing on mechanisms of sterile inflammation triggered by (nano)particle cell interactions in the lung.

Link to the broadcast: