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Dr. Ali Önder Yildirim talked to journalist Mareike Knoke about alternatives to organ donation on Helmholtz Gemeinschaft.

Dr. Ali Önder Yildirim; source ILBD/CPC Helmholtz Zentrum München

Research scientists worldwide are looking for alternatives to organ donation as there are too few donor organs available for patients waiting therefore. The following article gives a brief overview about new solution approaches - such as organs from the 3D printer or a more effective prevention regarding organ failure - that could replace the conventional method of organ transplantation:

The article has been published on the website of the Helmholtz Association:

 Dr. Ali Önder Yildirim is acting director of the Institute of Lung Biology and Disease and head of the research group “Immunopathology of COPD” and is studying the role and involvement of immune cells in the chronic inflammatory response in COPD and lung transplantation.