Press Release


On February 1, Dr. Ali Önder Yildirim was appointed acting Director of the Institute of Lung Biology and Disease (ILBD).

Ali Önder Yildirm @ ILBD/CPC Helmholtz Zentrum München

Dr. Ali Önder Yildirim moved from the University Hospitals Gießen and Marburg to Helmholtz Zentrum München in 2009. Dr. Yildirim, a veterinarian and immunologist, took over as head of the Immunopathology of COPD Research Group at the Institute of Lung Biology. Since the departure of the Institute Director in 2016, Ali Önder Yildirim had been a member of the interim management team.

The 45-year-old is a renowned expert in the field of environmentally related lung diseases. His research focuses on the role of immune cells in chronic inflammatory processes associated with COPD, asthma and lung transplantations.

In his role as interim director, he intends to further strengthen the Institute's focus on immunology and environment and start a new mission in translational lung research. "With new approaches in reverse translational medicine, our institute will play a leading international role in deciphering environmentally induced immunological and molecular markers in the development and pathogenesis of lung diseases," Yildirim announced. The unique infrastructure at the center and cooperations with many internationally renowned researchers offer the excellent conditions. "Here, is where we can realize our innovative ideas together," said Yildirim.