Staff Detail

Staff Detail

Dr. Ali Doryab
Postdoctoral Researcher

Phone: +49 89 3187-1892
Building/Room: iLBD Geb.34, Raum 110a

Ali Doryab received his B.Sc. in materials engineering at the Tehran Polytechnic (Amirkabir University of Technology) and continued to pursue his M.S. in biomedical engineering at the University of Tehran and Ph.D. in medical research at the Faculty of Medicine, Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) of Munich. Ali is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Helmholtz Zentrum München and his research focuses on the next generation of in vitro lung models for pharmacokinetics applications.


Twitter: @alidoryab


Selected Publications
1. Doryab A, Taskin MB, Stahlhut P, Schröppel A, Wagner DE, Groll J, Schmid O. 2021. A Biomimetic, Copolymeric Membrane for Cell
Stretch Experiments with Pulmonary Epithelial Cells at the AirLiquid Interface. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2004707. 2. Doryab A., Taskin M., Stahlhut P., Orak S. Voss C., Hilgendorff A., Rehberg M., Stöger T., Groll J., Schmid O. 2021. “A Bioinspired In Vitro Lung Model to Study Particokinetics of Nano-/Microparticles under Cyclic Stretch and Air-Liquid Interface Conditions.” Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 9: 42. 3. Doryab A, Tas S, Taskin MB, Yang L, Hilgendorff A, Groll J, Wagner DE, Schmid O. 2019. Evolution of Bioengineered Lung Models: Recent Advances and Challenges in Tissue Mimicry for Studying the Role of Mechanical Forces in Cell Biology. Adv. Funct. Mater. 29:1903114.