Immunoanalytics - Core Facility
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Immunoanalytics - Core Facility
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Flow Cytometry

Antigen & Fluorochrome Selection

Cell Toxicity Assay

About us

  • We welcome users and customers from HelmholtzZentrum münchen, other academic institutions, as well as companies.

    We offer assistance or full service for the whole experimental process beginning with project planning, experimental design, sample preparation and staining, instrument operation, and data analysis.

    Furthermore, the Core Facility offers basic and advanced flow cytometry training courses as stand-alone seminars or part of existing graduate programs.


  • The Immunoanalytics - Core Facility provides comprehensive technologies in the field of fluorescence-based analytical methods like flow cytometry, cell sorting, confocal laser-scanning microscopy, Luminex multiplex assays and LightCycler analysis.

    For 51Cr-release cell-mediated cytotoxicity assays we also maintain a radioactive laboratory.

Technologies & Instruments

Laser Scanning Microscopy

Multiplex Analysis

Spectral Photometric Analysis

Cytotoxicity Assay (Cr51)

RNA / DNA Analysis

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