Laser Scanning Microscopy


Inverted research microscope (DMI 6000 CS AFC Trino)
adapitve focus control
motorized objective revolver
adaptive focus control to maintain user-specified focus plane constant
xy-motorized SuperZ Galvano stage with control software for mosaic scans and mark & find functionality, adjustable also for unusual specimen holder sizes
lnternal light source  Halogen 100W bulb, External light source EL6000 with high pressure Mercury lamp including motorized polarisator / analysator for interference contrast
Epi-Fluorescence Filter Systems for UV-excitation, e.g. DAPI (BP 340-380nm, LP 425nm), for blue-excitation, e.g. FITC (BP450-490nm, LP515nm), and green-excitation, e.g. PC5 (BP 515-560nm, LP 590nm)
Ocular: 10x


  • 40x/0.60 Plan Fluotar, long range 1.9 – 3.3mm
  • 63x/0.70 Plan Fluotar, long range 2.6mm
  • 20x/0.70 HC Plan Apochromat, multiple immersion media (IMM), confocal scanning quality (CS)
  • 40x/1.30 HCX Plan Apochromat, oil immersion, confocal scanning quality (CS)
  • 63x/1.40-0.60 HCX Plan Apochromat, oil immersion, confocal scanning quality (CS)
  • 63x/1.30 HCX Plan Apochromat, glycerin (80%) immersion, confocal scanning quality (CS)
  • 63x/1.20 HCX Plan Apochromat, water immersion, confocal scanning quality (CS) 


  • transmitted light detector TCS SP5 DMI 6000
    for bright filed, interference contrast, phase contrast
  • spectral detector for variable bandwith (400 – 800nm)
  • 2 confocal detector with selected noise-reduced PMTs
  • 2 Hybrid GaAsP Detector for high sensitivity high speed imaging


  • UV Laser, (405nm / 50mW)
  • Ar-Laser, blue, (458nm / ca. 5mW; 476nm / ca. 5mW; 488nm / ca. 20mW / 496nm / ca. 5mW; 514nm / 20mW)
  • DPSS Laser, light-green, (561nm / 20mW)
  • HeNe-Laser, orange, (594nm / 2,5mW)
  • HeNe-Laser, red, (633nm / 10mW)

AOBS (acousto-optical beam splitter) / 8-channel AOTF (acousto-optical tunable filter)
Ludin Cube2 & Box incubation chamber, temperature regulated, CO2 regulated (with humidification device)
Bartels Micropump mp6 for cell chamber perfusion
Leica Application Suite Versiom 2.60-7266
including Live Data Mode, 3D Visualization, Colocalization, Dye Finder, FRET, FRAP, Well Plate Reading, Electrophysiology, Lambda-Scan capability, ROI (region of interest) scan capability

Meta Morph (Meta Imaging Series 7.7.7, Molecular Devices) including 4D Viewer and 3D Measurement Module