Imbedded into the research mission of Helmholtz Zentrum München the Immunoanalytics - Core Facility provides sophisticated analytical methods used in immunomonitoring and immunoanalysis at an advanced scientific and technical level.
This expertise can be applied to investigate immunocytes in healty or pathological conditions on the level of secreated or cell-associated biomarkers.

Immunoanalytics Core Facility is directly connected with the Research Unit “Tissue Control of Immunocytes” and thereby benefits from methodological and technical advancements in research. The Research Unit is part of national and international research initiatives concerning T cell, NK cell and monocyte / macrophage analysis from human tissue.
We are specialised in the preparation and analysis of human immunocytes from blood and tissue defining phenotye, function, activation and signaling, cell communication, modulation in tissue milieus and cell culture. The Core Facility is connected to the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zytometrie” (DGfZ), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gentherapie (DG-GT), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie (DGfI) andSociety of Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC).

We are delighted to cooperate with academic institutions and industrial partners. The analytical approaches contain flow cytometry, confocal laser scanning microskopy, Luminex mulitplex analysis, DNA Fingerprinting, Chromuim release cytotoxicity assay, as well as fluorescence-activated cell sorting and provision of specialised cell types.
We offer support in experimental design, assisted use of the instruments, support in data analysis or a full service option.

Furthermore, the Immunoanalytics Core Facility will participate in HELENA graduate school and welcomes scientists for training on general training or dedicated immunocyte subpopulation analysis.