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INET coordinates new EU research project on COVID-19

Our RiPCoN - "Rapid interaction profiling of 2019 nCoV for network based deep drug repurpose learning" project started on April 1st, 2020.

Together with our project partners in France (Prof. Brun/INSERM, Marseille) and Spain (Prof. Aloy/IRB, Barcelona) we work on a project for the identification of approved drugs that can be repurposed for the treatment of 2019-nCoV using interactome-profiling and deep-learning.

We will deploy experimental high-throughput protein-protein interaction-mapping and computational protein-RNA interaction predictions to chart the coronavirus-host-interactome network which will serve as input into an deep-learning model to identify approved drugs that are likely effective against 2019-nCoV.Then we will determine the matrix of viral protein alleles vs. variants of the interacting human proteins to understand how human and viral natural variations jointly mediate disease in different individuals. AI will be applied for drug-repurposing against 2019-nCoV.

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