iPSC Core

iPSC Core Facility

Establishment of the iPSC Core Facility

The human induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core Facility of the Helmholtz Center in Munich (Helmholtz Zentrum München; HMGU) was founded end of 2012 within the Institute of Stem Cell Research (Institut für Stammzellforschung; ISF).

Dr. Micha Drukker, PhD is the Director and research associate Dr. Anna Pertek is heading the activities in the Unit.

The mission of the Core Facility is to provide knowledge-base and expertise for researchers interested in working with human pluripotent stem cells (PSCs). The activity of the Core Facility consists of four elements: i) reprogramming of somatic cells and supplying established human iPS cell lines to investigators, ii) developing and optimizing reprogramming technologies, iii) collaborating with scientists at the HMGU and around the globe, and iv) differentiating human iPS cells for disease modeling and for drug discovery purposes.

Figure 2. The four main aspects of operations at the HMGU iPSC Core Facility | Source: HMGU

The specific activities of the HMGU human iPSC Core Facility include:

·         Generating lines of human iPS cells from healthy individuals of various ages and of both genders. These lines are made available for research purposes and distributed upon completion of an academic MTA

·         Generating lines of human iPS cells from patients affected by genetic disorders, including primarily, neural and metabolic diseases, as these are primary research interests of the HMGU. External collaborators can request derivations of lines on a range of research topics; submit an academic collaboration agreement. 

·         Generating lines of human iPS cells from different types of somatic cells including primary fibroblasts and blood mononuclear cells, and lymphoblastoid cell lines by a set of reprogramming technologies

·         Generating human and primate iPS cells per request of academic investigators and collaborators (possibilities exist for commercial partnerships, )

·        Performing quality-control analysis of human iPS cell lines by a set of methods including genome-wide transcriptional profiling and cytogenetic analyses

·         Assisting investigators in developing differentiation protocols tailored for the generation of specific somatic cell types from iPS cells

The HMGU Core Facility collaborates and provides services for academic institutions including researchers at the HMGU, LMU & TUM, Germany and internationally, including the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Harvard University.