Project meeting of Dr. Stefan Bartzschs Emmy Noether project

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After several virtual meetings, the Emmy Noether project leader Stefan Bartzsch and his team were happy to meet in person in Jülich!

The construction of the prototype of a new X-ray source that can produce micrometer-fine X-rays requires the expertise of high-ranking collaboration partners from the Institute for Nuclear Physics Mainz, Prof. Kurt Aulenbacher, Research Center Jülich, Prof. Michael Butzek, Institute of Cancer Research in London, Prof. Uwe Oelfke and the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Markus Zimmermann.

In October 2021 there will be the signal for starting the construction in Munich!

Dr. Stefan Bartzsch Emmy Noether Group Leader (IRM München), Johanna Winter (IRM München), Christian Petrich (IRM München), Anton Dimroth (Research Center Jülich), Yunzhe Zhang (TUM Garching), Christoph Matejcek (Kernphysik Mainz), Prof. Michael Butzek (Research Center Jülich), Prof. Marek Galek (Hochschule München)

Online participants:
Prof. Markus Zimmermann (TUM Garching), Dr. Ludwig Krämer (TUM Garching), Prof. Jan Wilkens (TUM)