Human Pluripotent Stem Cells


iPStemRNA - generation of GMP-compliant induced pluripotent stem cells from universal donors

The use of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derivatives for clinical applications requires the availability of iPSC lines manufactured in compliance with standards governing the production of medicinal products. Given the time and cost for the production of such lines, banking of GMP-grade iPSC lines is the strategy of our consortium "iPStemRNA" to create a resource for the community to use iPSCs as starting material for future allogeneic cellular advanced medicinal products (ATMPs).

We reprogram fibroblasts from donors harboring homozygous haplotypes of most common HLA-I alleles in the country. Cells derived from these individuals can potentially be matched to a great proportion of the population as HLA proteins are most important for transplantation immunology.
In order to circumvent risks associated with the introduction of foreign DNA in the form of plasmids or the use of viral vectors, we chose a reprogramming method that is based on transient transfection of mRNA as safest possible modality.


The PluriCore is a network promoting scientific and technical exchange between scientists in Germany and Europe that provide services in the field of PSC research (core facilities).

German Stem Cell Network


  • ISF-IDG-Retreat - Kloster Seeon, July 2014
  • ISF-Retreat - Kloster Seeon, September 2013



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