Cell tracking software Timm's Tracking Tool (TTT)

This software was developed to allow tracking identities, positions and properties of individual cells in time lapse movies.

You are welcome to use it for non-commercial purposes.
When presenting or publishing your work using TTT, please cite our papers including:

  • Rieger MA, Hoppe PS, Smejkal BM, Eitelhuber AC and Schroeder T (2009)
    Hematopoietic cytokines can instruct lineage choice
    Science, 325: 217 - 218
  • Eilken HM, Nishikawa SI and Schroeder T (2009)
    Continuous single-cell imaging of blood generation from haemogenic endothelium
    Nature, 457: 896 - 900

The following 3 files are necessary for using TTT:

Additional support can only be given to collaborators, but we may consider bug reports and suggestions sent to: