Staff Details

Grace Png
PhD Student

Phone: +49 89 3187 43718
Building/Room: 3533/214





  • My project focuses on the discovery of pQTL's which are genetic variants that influence protein levels
  • Most of my work is done on WGS data from the HELIC population isolates
  • I work with Olink proteomic data, which is made up of proteins that are established biomarkers of key biological processes
  • Other than my own analysis, I am also involved in the Olink SCALLOP consortium, where we conduct pQTL meta-analysis
  • The translational potential of pQTL analysis lies in elucidating disease mechanisms, drug target discovery & drug repurposing, and predicting disease risk & prognosis, among others.

Selected publications:

Png, G. ; ... ; Zeggini, E. ; Gilly, A.
Population-wide copy number variation calling using variant call format files from 6,898 individuals.
Genet. Epidemiol., accepted (2019)