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Professor Andrew Morris
Honorary Group Leader

Phone: +49 89 3187 49728
Building/Room: 3533/215




I was awarded an Honorary Group Leader position at the Helmholtz Centre Munich in 2019. I work with the Institute of Translational Genomics to integrate genetics with multi-omics to better understand the molecular processes driving disease to improve opportunities for translation.
I am Professor of Statistical Genetics, at the University of Manchester, UK, where my research focusses on developing novel statistical approaches for the analysis of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to identify regions of the genome contributing to a wide range of common human diseases. Key themes of my research include aggregating GWAS from diverse populations, fine-mapping genomic regions to localise the causal DNA variants that are responsible for disease, and integration of GWAS with transcriptomics and epigenomics to gain insight into the processes through which these causal variants operate.
I have previously served as President of the International Genetic Epidemiology Society (2016-2018).

Selected publications:

Morris, AP. ; … ; Franceschini, N.
Trans-ethnic kidney function association study reveals putative causal genes and effects on kidney-specific disease aetiologies. Nat. Commun. 10: 29 (2019)

Mahajan, A. ; … ; Rayner, NW. ; Zeggini, E. ; Morris, AP. ; McCarthy. MI.
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Mägi, R. ; … ; COGENT-Kidney Consortium, T2D-GENES Consortium, Morris, AP.
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Various Consortia, Mahajan, A. ; … ; Rayner, NW. ; Morris, AP.  
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