Masters Projects

Supervised/posted byTitleRequired Skills/Interests
Dr. Arthur GillyEvaluation of the heritability components of circulating protein levelsHeritability estimators (GREML, approximate methods) and models (LDAK, GCTA...)
Dr. Arthur GillyDisentangling the LD structure of a disease-relevant locus using whole-genome sequencing data.Bioinformatics, specifically phasing/haplotyping, knowledge of human/population genetics (selection, etc)
Dr.Arthur GillyUnderstanding ageing markers in population isolates

R, Python, proficient with *NIX command line, basic background in genetics, previous experience with supervised regression learning preferred. *Further details on my staff profile page. 

Prof. Eleftheria ZegginiUnderstanding the genomic aetiology of comorbidity between osteoarthritis and dementiaStatistical genetics
Prof. Eleftheria ZegginiMethod development for patient stratification on the basis of molecular phenotypesMachine learning
Peter KreitmaierDNA methylation in osteoarthritisBioinformatics, R
Georgia KatsoulaGene regulatory networks in osteoarthritisBioinformatics, R
Dr. Christoph Ogris  Multi-omic data integration of Transcriptomic, Metabolomic, Metaproteomic, Microbiome, and Phenotypic data Bioinformatics / Biostatistics, R


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