Main Projects

Lung Aging in a dish

To be able to test potential anti-senescent therapies in the human system, we are developing a human aging model based on human precision cut lung slices (PCLS) that displays relevant hallmarks of aging such as cellular senescence. This model will be used to verify target engagement of anti-senescent therapies in the human system and will help to screen for relevant biomarkers for companion diagnostics development. Project supported by BfR (Lung aging in a dish).

©Maria Camila Melo Narváez

Deciphering the contribution of immunosenescence and Inflammaging in impaired stem cell function in CLDs

We generate immunocompetent pulmonary organoids that allow to study the interaction of structural cells such as epithelial cells and immune cells. This will allow us to study the effects of inflammaging and immunosenescence on stem cell function. Project supported by FöFoLe program at LMU Munich.

©Fenja See