How we work

Generating of monoclonal hybridoma cell lines is divided up into three steps:

I) Immunization and cell fusion

II) Clone selection, expansion, cryoconservation, IgG subclass determination

III) Subcloning


Antigen Selection

  • Antigen design and selection: purified proteins, peptides, exosomes, VLPs and other antigens


Immunization and Fusion

  • Immunization of rats and mice
  • Fusion of spleen B cells with a HAT-sensitive mouse myeloma cell line
  • Growth of primary hybridomas


Hybridoma Screening

  • Primary screening
  • Expansion and cryoconservation of positive oligoclones
  • Determination of titer and IgG subclass
  • Provision of supernatants from positive oligoclones to you for further validation



  • Single cell cloning of selected hybridomas to create stable cell lines
  • Cryoconservation of hybridoma cell line for long-term viable storage in liquid nitrogen


Antibody Production

  • Production of large amounts of antibody-containing tissue culture supernatants


Antibody Purification and Labeling

  • Production of purified monoclonal antibodies by Protein A / Protein G affinity chromatography
  • Labeling of purified monoclonal antibodies

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