Genetic Engineering

State-of-the-art genetic tools including genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 perturbation screens, gene transfer methods, and site-directed mutagenesis are constantly applied and improved in cells and animal models of disease. These in turn are of pivotal importance for a better molecular understanding of the intricate interplay between metabolic processes and signaling pathways and their impact on different forms of regulated cell death. Genetic gain- and loss-of function approaches performed both in vitro and in vivo aim to investigate and validate the importance and relevance of novel target genes in physiology and disease development. In addition, an automated life cell imaging platform using cutting edge imaging technologies is implemented to characterize genetically/pharmacologically perturbed cell lines with unprecedented detail. Conclusively, all these models will provide novel insights in the mechanism of action of newly identified cell death modulators and facilitate proof-of-concept studies in animal models of disease.

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