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Article in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

Ferroptosis, a fairly recently described form of controlled cell death, is driven by iron-dependent phospholipid peroxidation, and regulated by multiple cellular metabolic pathways, including redox homeostasis, iron handling, mitochondrial activity and metabolism of amino acids, lipids and sugars. Elucidating the molecular mechanisms and regulatory networks of ferroptosis is critical to understand ferroptosis-related diseases, in order to develop powerful pharmacological strategies to efficiently combat these diseases. In this Review, we provide a critical analysis of the current understanding of the molecular mechanisms and regulatory networks of ferroptosis, the potential physiological functions of ferroptosis in tumour suppression and immune surveillance, and the pathological implications of ferroptosis, along with novel ways how to modulate ferroptosis in different disease contexts. We further discuss important concepts and pressing questions that should be the focus of future ferroptosis research.

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