About us

  • Our research focuses on the role of the central nervous system (CNS) as potential common denominator for obesity and diabetes type 2.   More...

Our Team

  • Peter's PhD defence, June 2020

  • Luke's PhD defence, March 2020

  • Helmholtz Diabetes Conference Munich, Sep 2017

  • Core team in 2017

  • Retreat at the Schneefernerhaus on the Zugspitze, Jan 2017, -27°C

  • Core team in 2015

  • Early days, 2012

  • Katrin's PhD defence, Dec 2018

Glimpses into our work

  • The Arcuate Nucleus

  • Art of Science

  • Real-time PCR

Open Positions

  • Research Assistant

    We are currently (10/2020) inviting HMGU-internal applicants to apply for a research assistant position.

    Master students

    We welcome applications of highly motivated students to investigate the role of the CNS and gut-brain communication in the etiology of obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease. Expertise in bioinformatics, molecular biology, pharmacology and/or mouse disease models is a plus. Please provide your CV including a statement of research interests and the names of potential referees.