About us

The Core Facility (CF) Pathology & Tissue Analytics of the Research Unit Analytical Pathology (AAP) commits itself to support Helmholtz-scientists in all aspects of morphological tissue-analysis, providing scientific and state-of-the-art technical support. The CF service ranges from assistance in the development of the experimental study design, planning of generation of adequate tissue samples, to performance of tissue-based analyses, covering the entire pipeline of tissue processing, qualitative and quantitative histopathological analysis by means of 2- and 3-dimensional histology and immunohistochemistry. The pipeline is completed by scientific histopathological interpretation and comprehensive image analysis for quantification of morphologic analysis parameters, as well as a comprehensive report of the analysis results. Finally, the CF assists in preparation of scientific publications. To fulfill these tasks, the CF is optimally equipped with technical equipment of the latest technical standards, enabling to offer a broad range of different analysis methods. These include standard paraffin-histology, cryohistology, immunohistochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, confocal laser microscopy, 3D lightsheet fluorescence microscopy, high-throughput digitalization of histological slides, tissue-microarray technology, as well as quantitative 2D and 3D image analysis. In order to guarantee highest quality analysis standards, the CF was lately equipped with a new Multistainer and an Immunostainer for automated high through-put staining, immunohistochemistry, FISH and CISH of histological slides.

Additionally the Core Facility Pathology & Tissue Analytics provides access to and training on high end light microscopy systems and to selected image processing software as well as advice on special sample preparation.

The confocal microscopy was extended by an upright LSM880 and an inverse LSM800, especially equipped for live cell imaging. Modern lightsheet fluorescence microscopy systems enable 3D analyses of optically cleared tissue samples, as well as 4D analyses for live cell imaging. Interested Helmholtz scientists may contact the core facility to arrange CLSM trainings with your samples.