Submit samples

How to submit your samples

The Core Facility Pathology & Tissue Analytics offers high-quality, state-of-the-art technical and professional pathology services individualized to project needs. It is mandatory to contact us before you prepare your samples, in order to achieve optimized histopathological tissue processing according to your needs.

We strongly encourage you to follow the outlined procedure to guarantee efficient completion of your project:

1.    Initial project meeting at an early stage

If you have an interesting project and plan to include histological tissue processing, please contact to arrange a project discussion meeting.

2.    Project proposal

Furthermore the submission of a project proposal is required. Please include any information needed to provide a clear and solid understanding of your goals and expectations of your project. Please fill in the project proposal template and mail it to .

3.    Sample preparation

For formalin fixed samples:

  • 12–24 hour fixation in buffered formalin (Sigma Aldrich, Cat.No HT501128) free floating in at least tenfold sample volume at room temperature. If needed we can provide container with formalin.
  • Submit samples immediately within 12 hours!

For frozen samples:

  • Transfer dissected organs/tissue immediately after preparation in liquid nitrogen without any additional reagents.
  • Storage in liquid nitrogen, alternatively at -80 °C.
  • Samples can be transported on dry ice.

4.    Submit your samples

For every new set of samples, you need to fill in a new sample submission sheet. A completely filled in sample form is required in paper form attached to the submitted set of samples and additional in digital version sent per email to .

Please hand in your samples personally in building 37 Room 005 (Claudia-Mareike Pflüger, Elenore Samson, Uli Buchholz, Cristina Hübner-Freitas) during the following hours: 
Monday – Thursday 08:00 am – 11:30 am

We recommend to make an appointment for sample submission at least one day before.