Pathology and Tissue Processing of all fresh / fixed tissues

  • Conventional and specific microtome techniques
  • Standard and special staining techniques (e.g. immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, histochemistry, in situ hybridization)


  • Standardized automated detection of tissue expression patterns of more than 100 antibodies.
  • Testing and establishment of immunohistochemical staining protocols for new antibodies.

2D / 3D Image Analysis and Visualization


  • standardized, automated, and high-throughput digital 2D-image analysis (Definiens) of histological sections (all kinds of histochemical stainings and immunohistochemistry)
  • reproducible characterization of morphometric tissue parameters



  • high-quality reconstruction of 3D/4D-tissue morphology
  • quantitative analysis of 3D-tissue morphology

Digital Pathology

  • Digital scanning of specimen in bright field and fluorescence.
  • High troughput and standardized image acquisition

Scientific Support and Publication

  • Scientific and technical support to researchers working on animal models of human disease
  • Consulting and assistance in planning, implementing and publishing tissue-based projects
  • structured histology report including results, an expertise and critical interpretation
  • provision of high-quality images for publication purposes

Tissue Micro Arrays

  • Hundreds of different tissues in a single slide in an automated way


  • Necropsies of laboratory rodent species
  • Standardized necropsy and sampling protocols
  • Development of individually adapted sampling designs