Publications in 2013

Roquin paralogs 1 and 2 redundantly repress the Icos and Ox 40 costimulator mRNAs and control follicular helper T cell differentiation. Vogel KU, Edelmann SL, Jeltsch KM, Bertossi A, Heger K, Heinz GA, Zöller J, Warth SC, Hoefig KP, Lohs C, Neff F, Kremmer E, Schick J, Repsilber D, Geerlof A, Blum H, Wurst W, Heikenwalder M, Schmidt-Supprian M, Heissmeyer V. Immunity 38, 655-668.

Optimization of protein buffer cocktails using Thermofluor. Reinhard L, Mayerhofer H, Geerlof A, Müller-Dieckmann J, Weiss MS. Acta Crystallogr. F69, 209-214.

Galectin-3 induces clustering of CD147 and Integrin-β1 transmembrane glycoprotein on the RPE cell surface. Priglinger CS, Szober CM, Proglinger SG, Merl J, Euler KN, Kernt M, Gondi G, Behler J, Geerlof A, Kampik A, Ueffing M, Hauck SM. PLoS ONE 8:e70011.

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