Company Visits

Company visits offer a great possibility to explore career opportunities outside academia. Each company visit will consist of a 2-hour preparation workshop followed by a full day excursion. Participation is possible for all graduate students and postdocs of the Center.

Company visits part 2: Roche and smaller "giants"

Do you feel like spending five full hours speaking with seven representatives from HR, R&D and production from Roche in Penzberg? You'll get to ask all the pressing questions you might have as we'll be divided into small groups of eight participants each. And, on top of the discussions, we'll get to see some labs and enjoy a lunch with them.

Not enough? We'll come back to Neuherberg by bus, where we'll have a discussion with different players from smaller companies and biotech clusters. Here you'll get an overview of the variety that the labour market for life scientists offers and be able to hear about the real life stories of some life scientists.


Preparation workshop (2h),

July 3, 2018, 9-11 am, Neuherberg Campus

This short workshop is to prepare you for the each company visit, so that you'll be able to get most out of this day. Topics we will cover:

- Working in the field of analytics service providers: what's in it for you?

- Core qualifications when entering industry and how you can already work on them

- Paths for application

- Work environments: how does working in industry differ from academia?

- The "hidden" job market: strategies beyond the obvious.


Company visits part 2: Full day excursion

July 6, 2018, 8-18 am, start from Neuherberg Campus

max. number of participants: 15


Trainer: Dr. Philipp Gramlich (Natural Science Careers)



Company visits part 1: Eurofins, Nuvisan, Agilent

preparation workshop: April 26, 2018.

excursion: May 2, 2018.


Company visits part 2: Roche

preparation workshop: July 3, 2018.

excursion: July 6, 2018.


Company visits part 3: Sandoz

preparation workshop: September 10, 2018.

excursion: September 13, 2018.


Company visits part 4: Biocluster Straubing

preparation workshop: October 18, 2018.

excursion: October 23, 2018.