About us


Proteomics has developed into a key technology for identification, characterization and quantification of proteins on a systems-wide level. The Research Unit's mission is to contribute to the molecular understanding of (complex) diseases, by identification of protein-centric systems perturbations, as well as to define protein and peptide signatures indicative for disease progression and prediction. The enabling technology, mass spectrometry, is integrated into the Research Unit as platform (Core Facility Proteomics), providing state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise to support researchers at the HMGU campus to successfully answer their biological and medical questions.


We envision uncovering novel molecular mechanisms of (complex) diseases and significantly contribute to development of new therapeutic approaches, targets and innovative regeneration approaches. By discovering novel treatable targets and proteomic signatures for personalized disease risk prediction, as novel diagnostic tools and as read-outs for intervention studies we will contribute to the HMGU mission to improve human health.