In November 2012 the Core Facility participated for the first time in the HELENA graduate school program. We offered two courses for 8 participants each:
A 1-day course covered basics in mass spectrometry based proteomics, like instrumentation, sample preparation and protein identification.

The second 3-day block course focused on mass spectrometric quantification techniques, including a label-free as well as a targeted selected reaction monitoring (SRM) quantification of an unknown, purified protein complex. The participants had the opportunity to prepare their own samples, which were directly measured on the LTQ-OrbiTrap-XL and QTrap4000, respectively. The students were introduced to different software used for data evaluation by analyzing their data files together with the scientists of the core facility.

In the subsequent evaluation by the participants, the courses were rated as highly interesting and informative.
The Core Facility will again offer both courses in November 2013.