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Ueffing and Hauck assume positions at DGPF

At the Annual General Meeting of the German Society for Proteome Research (DGPF) on 25 June 2013, Professor Marius Ueffing, Head of the Department of Protein Science, was confirmed in his position as Vice President. Dr. Stefanie Hauck, Deputy Head of the department, was elected to the Board of Directors of the DGPF.

The DGPF views itself as a platform that brings together under one roof the proteomics activities currently underway at various locations and within the scope of different programs. Furthermore, it advances proteomics research via nationally and internationally coordinated initiatives. Its 500 or so members come from the academic world and from three groups of companies in the life sciences field: small and medium-sized biotech start-ups, established providers of technologies used in biochemical analytics and major companies in the pharmaceutical industry.