How to submit your samples

The Core Facility Proteomics accepts samples from HMGU and from external users (upon collaboration agreement between your institution and HMGU, and if capacity permits). In both cases, it is mandatory to contact us before you prepare your samples, in order to agree on an optimized protocol suitable for mass spectrometry and your needs. We strongly encourage you to follow the outlined procedure to guarantee an efficient completion of your project:


1) Contact us at an early stage

If you have an interesting project and plan to include proteomic strategies, first step is to contact Dr. Juliane Merl-Pham, Dr. Christine von Törne or Dr. Stefanie Hauck to arrange for a project discussion meeting. Sample preparation, suitable protocols, project planning and more details will be discussed in the meeting.


2) Write a project proposal

A further prerequisite is the submission of a project proposal. Please include any information needed to provide a clear and solid understanding of your goals and expectations.

You can download the Project Proposal Template and fill it up. This project proposal will contain the results of the discussions from the previous meeting (step 1) and needs to be sent in word file format to the scientist in charge of your project for adding the prospective effort for the facility. After mutual agreement, please sign the document and send as pdf.


3) Request a UserID

In order to submit samples to our LIMS system, first time users need to request a User ID (LabLink). You should then receive an automated e-mail with your Username and Password within one day.


4) Sample preparation

Because the success of any proteomic experiment depends largely on a mass spectrometry compatible sample preparation, we provide in this section general SOPs that are well tested and mandatory for the submission of samples to the Core Facility Proteomics.

Staining (Coomassie Staining, Silver Staining)
Precipitation (Methanol-Chloroform-Precipitation)
Digestion (In-Gel Digest, In-Solution Digest)


5) Submit your samples

You can download the sample submission sheet directly from here or from LabLink. It is important to download a new sheet for each submission and the new security rules at HMGU make it necessary that you safe this file locally on your computer BEFORE you start filling in.

For every new set of samples, you need to fill in a new sample submission sheet which will generate a unique identifier for each sample. Also it is relevant to think about the order of your samples before you submit them, and we strongly encourage you to get advice on these aspects from the scientist in charge for your project at the Core Facility.

Please fill in as much information as possible about your samples. Yellow column headers are mandatory fields.

Next, you have to upload the excel file in Lablink. In this way, each sample gets their unique LIMS-ID which you have to use for labelling your samples. Please print now a screen shot of the LIMS-IDs of your samples in LabLink (see picture below ). We need this print-out with your samples, when you deliver the samples to us.


6) Labelling your samples

To make handling of a large number of samples possible, we need the samples labelled according to our guidelines.