Dr. Michael Anton Witting

Phone: +49 89 3187 4755
Building/Room: 44 / 022


Current position

PostDoc within DFG Project "Phenotypic heterogeneity and sociobiology of bacterial populations" at Research Unit Analytical BioGeoChemistry (BGC)

Research interest

Bacterial metabolomics, Metabolomics and lipidomics of C. elegans, Metabolite identification, Chemo- and bioinformatics for metabolomics


2009 – 2012: PhD thesis, Research Unit Analytical BioGeoChemistry (BGC)

2005 – 2009: Studies of Applied Chemistry, with functional direction to Biochemistry, Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg

Professional and research experience

Since 2013: PostDoc

2009 - 2012: PhD thesis "Host-Pathogen metabolomics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection models", Technische Universität München

2009: Diploma Thesis “Bioanalytischer Nachweis von Histamin in biologischen Matrices”, Bioanalytical analysis of histamine in biological matrices”), Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg, Laboratory of Bioanalytical Chemistry

2009: Lab advisor “Quantitative analytische Chemie”, Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry

2008: Lecture “Grundlagen der Biologie”, Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg, Laboratory of Biological Sciences

Summer 2008: Research term “Functional analysis of the chicken BASP1 promotor”, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Innsbruck

2007 – 2008: Tutor “Grundlagen der Informatik”, Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg, Laboratory of Technical Chemistry

2006: Internship at Wasserwirtschaftsamt Weilheim

Member of “Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker” (GdCh) and Metabolomics Society.