Translation of expertise from environmental biogeosystems to health using integrated high resolution analytics

Source: BGC

Observing complex systems at different scales (organisms to ecosystems) with high chemical resolution gives us new insights and understanding of generic processes across biology and geochemistry.

We study the chemistry of complex systems and their interactions using metabolomics and metallomics at the level of species (pathogens), microbiomes (rhizosphere, probiotics, lung, gut) and ecosystems (water quality / NOM)

  • to discover new bioactive compounds out of natural chemical libraries & chemodiversity hotspots (i.e. signalling molecules, elicitors, anti-viral).

  • to develop new analytical approaches for limited sample size, complex unknowns, polyOmics integration, Omics visualisation and next generation of metabotyping.

We operate two analytical platforms in comprehensive metabolomics and in metallomics, networking across disciplines and institutes in environment and health projects (i.e. plant metabolomics at DES, targeted / non- targeted metabolomics in KKN / DZD, special analytics, neurodegeneration).