hands-on workshop on basic Basespace assisted NGS analysis Workshop will take place on 18th of December from 9.45 - 13h at Biomedical Center LMU (Seminarraum N01-017) and is organized by RNAclub sponsor Illumina. There is no participation fee, yet we kindly request interested parties to register to miha.modic@helmholtz-muenchen.de


  • Join us at the yearly RNAclub conference (www.stemcells2016) bringing together prominent world scientists in stem biology, RNA biochemistry and system biology that will deliver the latest insights in RNA regulation and (epi)genomic engineering in stem cells.

    Molecular Life of Stem Cells 2016 will address the fundamental question of molecular and cellular mechanisms of self-renewal and cell fate determination. Specific gene expression programs are responsible both for the self-renewal of stem cells and for specific differentiation programs. Lately it is becoming increasingly clear that regulation of stem cells occurs at multiple levels. Harnessing knowledge of this complex regulatory landscape is key to unlocking the therapeutic potential of stem cell research in regenerative medicine. Proposed lecture course is ideal for bringing together scientists from different fields and foster interdisciplinary discussions that will promote cross-collaboration between experts in stem research and RNA mechanisms. This knowledge might open new avenues in understanding of stem cell differentation and stimulate understanding of regenerative medicine or for the treatment of genetic diseases. In light of recent findings underscoring importance of post-transcriptional regulation of life of stem cells, we will elaborate complex systems of cell fate determination using a large collection of tools that includes noncoding RNAs and RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and cutting-edge technology.



  • The Munich RNA Club provides a central forum for scientists passionate about RNA Biology to connect with one another.  To better understand the world of RNA, RNA Munich Club is used for presenting and discussing important and emerging topics related the RNA biology in relaxed environment.

    Munich region offers tremendous diversity of RNA-related research, ranging from studies on RNA-based gene regulation, structural RNA biology, RNA metabolism in neurodegenerative disease, miRNAs, lncRNAs, nucleotide chemistry and catalysis, plant RNA biology and computational biology. RNA club aims to bring together scientists studying RNA structure with groups interested in RNA function and its regulation. Another focus is to promote the interface between bioinformatics and RNA molecular biology and biochemistry.

RNA Club Seminar Series

  • RNA club seminars are held on a monthly basis with one main presentation (45min) by external invited guest, followed by a short seminar from a club member. RNA club seminars will present new and informative topics on RNA, promote collaborations and initiatives, and share technical expertise. If you would like to nominate a speaker or present your work, please write to:

RNA Club Sponsors

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