Mandatory courses

Description of mandatory courses

  • Knowledge in statistics is key for understanding and conducting scientific research. It is important to have basic statistical literacy in order to design experiments, analyze data and eventually present results and draw reasonable conclusions.
    Statistical analysis can be performed by using a script-based software, which guarantees the traceability and reproducibility of statistical analyses. The software R is optimal for this, since R provides access to a very broad range of (up-to-date) statistical methods, and is also open source. Furthermore, R is the dominating programming language for statistical analyses in Academia and is also widely used in industry.
    Ascertainment of reproducibility is important for evidence-based science and therefore of central concern to scientists.
  • It is recommended to first participate in the course “Introduction to R” and afterwards in “Introduction to Statistics” since the exercises of the statistics course require knowledge in R. The course “Reproducible and Open Research” does not depend on participation in the other two courses. Moreover, it is recommended to participate in all three courses during the first year as a PhD student or PostDoc at HMGU.
  • HELENA students may also check the description of the program here.

  • To apply for the approval of already existing and verifiable R and/or statistics knowledge, please read the following documents carefully:
    For questions concerning the approval of already existing programming skills and/or knowledge in statistics please write an email to

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