HIV immune activation and morphogenesis

  • DFG Schi1073/2-1 (2009 - 2014): “Dysregulation of cellular iron uptake by pathogenic and non-pathogenic immunodeficiency virus“
  • HMGU developmental project (2013 - 2014): “Identification of inhibitors targeting HCV core multimerization.”
  • CAPES PhD scholarship for MV Gondim (2012 - 2013): “Importance of cellular factors for HIV-1 Nef mediated downmodulation of CD4.”
  • Leibniz-Center for Infection (LCI)-Graduate School (2009 – 2012): ”Budding and assembly of HIV-1 in macrophages”
  • Hamburg School for Structure and Dynamics (12/2009 – 11/2012): “Characterization of the Hepatitis C Virus intra viral protein interaction network”
  •  DFG Schi1073/4-1 (since 2014): “Tetherin antagonism by the Ebola virus glycoprotein: Molecular mechanism and contribution to viral spread.”
  • EKFS (Else Kröner-Fresenius Stiftung) (since 2013): “Importance of cellular restriction factors for HIV-1 control and AIDS progression.”